Beverages Which Are Incompatible With Medicine

juice grape Beverages Which Are Incompatible With Medicine

Beverages are actually important for our health. However, these are the beverages which you need to avoid, when you are drink some medicine, because these beverages are incompatible with the works of medicine and also can worsen your health.

1. Grape Juice
Grape Juice interrupt the works of about 50 medicines, included statin and the medicine for hypertension. There are some of the organic compounds, which are identified as furanokumarin’s derivative which is interrupt the works of heart. The research also said that grape juice increase the absorption of the medicines, which is make the normal doses became overdose

2. pomegranate juice
The Enzyme on the pomegranate juice can affect the medicine for the tension syndrome. Not only that, pomegranate can also slow the speed of heart in working and also decrease the effect of antidepressant medicine.

3. Milk
Milk decrease the absorption of antibiotics in the medicine and also some components of the medicine like iron. the calcium on the milk also affect the effect of the medicine. You should take the medicine 4 hours after drinking the milk.

4. Caffeine
Caffeine is seriously incompatible with stimulant or depressant. Avoid the efedrin and amfetamin when drinking coffee. You should give around 2-3 hours before drink the medicine.

5. Isotonic Beverages
Calium inside these beverages is highly incompatible with the medicine for hearts or hipertension medicine. Also, avoid bananas since they have calium inside them too.

6. Wine
Like isotonic, Wine can make anti-depressant medicine overdose effect. Avoid these at all cost.

7. Green Tea
Green Tea has Vitamin K on it, which slightly decrease the effect of some medicines.

Well, that’s all which I can share with you,
may this information helps you in the future

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